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Writing Tips and Communication Skills

Business presentation? Cover letter? Blog post? E-mail to a friend?

Whatever you’re working on, these simple rules and strategies will make you a stronger writer and communicator.

Check back often for new writing tips from Danny Rubin, managing editor of News To Live By, and always remember this one basic thing: less is more!

The No. 1 Rule for Proofreading on the Job

One simple trick can avoid those pesky typos.



Five Simple Ways to Instantly Improve Your Writing

Among them: how to write like you’re talking to a friend and respect the audience.


Write Less, Say More: The Power of Brevity

With concrete examples, this post shows how reducing your word count will maximize your message.


What Being a Television Reporter Taught Me About Writing Good Cover Letters

The secret: it’s all about telling a great story.


Why Every Young Professional Should Read the News

Just by reading the newspaper, your writing will get better.



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