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4 Questions Every Millennial Should Ask in a Job Interview

In June, the job market said good-bye to one million people.

Even though we added 195,000 people to the payroll that month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a million others quit looking for work. The main reason? Frustration and discouragement.

On the Web, gloom and doom run rampant. One girl’s rant on Reddit spurred an huge conversation on why twentysomethings can’t get hired. If you have a job and want to feel good about your life, read a few Unemployment Stories on Gawker. Like a punch to the gut of our sagging economy.

Every part of the hiring process counts, but a face-to-face interview is the best opportunity to dazzle the boss and land a coveted offer.

To maximize those precious moments, here are the four types of interview questions every Millennial should ask an employer.

Each one demonstrates critical thinking and declares: I’m in it to win it.

Scenario: you’re interviewing to do marketing/communications for a grocery chain.

1. The Background Check

People love to talk about themselves. Period. If you come prepared with a question about the boss’s career (thanks to LinkedIn digging or a Web site bio), he will perk up, brag on himself and find you impressive — even though you only asked a question and listened.


2. The Office Insight

Every company has a Web site. So read it before the interview. Check out past and current projects, staff bios and get a general sense of the office culture. Then, drop something like this to prove you did your homework.


3. The ‘Wow’ Factor

The bio question, the company question…both solid. Now, turn your focus to the industry, in general. Read news about the grocery biz and put the company in context with the latest headlines. That’s next-level stuff, which prompts a ‘wow’ from the boss.


4. The Inception

With the ‘wow’ question, you took the interview from an uncomfortable boss-applicant arrangement to a conversation among peers. Now, plant a seed in the boss’s brain with a cool marketing idea. Make him feel like he needs you on the communications team right now.



One million people?

If we could, we would all quit the job market.

No one wants to look forever.

Try these four types of interview questions and give yourself the best chance at landing the job.


Which interview questions do you like to ask?

Share below!


Feature photo from bpsusf (Flickr)


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