An Easy New Year’s Resolution You Can Actually Accomplish Today

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By Danny Rubin

Managing Editor, News To Live By


What if there was an easy New Year’s resolution that you could accomplish right now?

Lucky for you, there is.

To help all of us be more organized and efficient this upcoming year:

The 2013 Wedding Season Checklist (courtesy of NTLB)

As each new save-the-date and invitation lands on the fridge, it gets harder and harder to stay on track. Between now and next December, how many engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette weekends and weddings do you have?

With so many response cards, gifts, hotel reservations and plane tickets…how can we keep it all straight?

In 2013, resolve to master your bustling wedding calendar with this easy New Year’s resolution. News To Live By has created a handy Google doc to (hopefully) keep you on point all year.

Click here for The 2013 Wedding Season Checklist

It’s a Google doc. Click ‘File’ and ‘Make a copy’ and save the document for yourself.

If you want the doc as an actual Excel file, just click ‘File’ and ‘Download’ and then ‘Microsoft Excel.’

There are four tabs: Upcoming Weddings, GiftsHotel & Travel and Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties.  Of course, this is only a template so feel free to customize the pages, columns and colors to your heart’s content.

easy new year's resolution

Want a really easy New Year’s resolution? Have a bunch of weddings to attend in 2013? Use the Google doc up above to stay organized.

With The 2013 Wedding Season Checklist, you can:

-          Stay on top of upcoming events

-          Plan your vacation/time off

-          Never struggle to remember if you sent in a response card, bought a gift, etc…

-          Leave yourself additional notes about a specific wedding

-          Be super productive and generally an awesome, on-the-ball person

That’s why – in just a few minutes today – you can make your entire year run more smoothly.

How many other easy New Year’s resolutions guarantee results that fast?

Happy 2013, everyone!

Who has the most weddings this year? Yours truly already has seven on his 2013 calendar. Who can beat that?

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© 2012, Danny Rubin

 © 2013, Danny Rubin


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